Rules for Better Life

Never Hate    -     Dont Worry   -   Always Smile 

Message of Parents to youngsters

Jab tum hamain Boorrha dakho too sabar krana

جڏهن توهان اسان کي پوڙهو ڏسو ته صبر ڪجو

orr hamain samjhny ke koshish karna

اسان کي سمجهڻ جي ڪوشش ڪجو

Jab ham koe baat bhhol jayain to ham per tanz mat karna

جڏهن اسان کان ڪا ڳاله وسري وڄي ته اسان تي طنز نه ڪجو

oor apna bachpan yad karna

۽ پنهنجو ننڍپڻ ياد ڪجو

jab ham borhy hoo kar chal na pain

جڏهن اسان پوڙها ٿي هلي نه سگهو ن

too hamara sahara banana

ته اسان جو سهارو ٿجو

oor apna pahla qadam yad karna

۽ پنهنجو پهريون قدم ياد ڪجو

jab ham bemar hoo jain too

جڏهن اسان بيمار ٿي پئون ته

too woh din yad kar ky ham per pasy kharch karna
ته اهو ڏينهن ياد ڪري اسان تي خرڄ ڪجو 
jab ham tumahree khwahshen poore karny kay lay
جڏهن اسان توهان جو خواهشون پوريون ڪرڻ لاءِ 
apne khawahshain qurban kar daty thhy

پنهجون خواهشون قربان ڪري ڇڏيندا هئاسين

Blame on day

Never blame any day in life. Good days give happiness and bad days give Experience, both are essential in life so welcome every day with smile.

Life and Relationship

Life and relation are like a book. It may take a few seconds to burn, but years to write, so be careful about it and never let it burn.


Tears don’t come when you miss a person, but they come when you don’t want to miss a person.


No one is busy in his life. Its all about priorities.
Love doesn't start in morning and doesn't end in evening, it starts when you don’t need it and it ends when you need it most. 

Good Person

سٺو انسان اهو آهي جيڪو ڪنهن جو ڏنل ڏک ته وساري ڇڏي پر ڪنهن جي ڏنل محبت ڪڏهن نه وساري

Life Zindagi

زندگي تڏهن بهتر هوندي آهي جڏهن توهان خوش هوندا آهيو پر زندگي تڏهن بهترين هوندي آهي جڏهن توهان جي ڪري ٻيا خوش هوندا آهن.


ان دوست جي عزت ڪريو پنهنجي مصرو ف وقت مان وقت ڏئي پر ان دوست سان محبت ڪريو جنهن جي توهان کي ضرورت پئي ۽ هو توهان لاءِ پنهنجون مصروفيتون ڇڏي ڏئي

Relation of Modern life

Relation of Modern life 
People will wish you, All the Success in the world
and Then They Hate You when you get it

Traffic Signal

A valuable Lesson that Traffic Signal teaches us Every problems is like a Red Signal , if  you wait for some time it will turn Green. 

Heart and Nature

A Good Heart and Good Nature are two different. A Good Heart can win Many Relationships but Good Nature can win many Good Hearts.

Friend Medicine or Pain

Friend is the best Medicine for any kind of Pain, But Be Sure that There is no Medicine in The world for the Pain given by Friend.