.Your true companion

Life's most deepest feelings are often express in silence.. 
And the one who can read volumes from ur silence is .
your true companion

He Who Knows Nothing 'n Knows he Knows Nothing,
He is a Scholar
Teach Him.

He Who Knows Nothing 'n Thinks He Knows Something,
He is a Fool
Shun Him.

He Who Knows Something 'n Thinks He Knows Nothing,
He is Unsure
Enlighten Him.

He Who Knows Something 'n Knows He Knows Something,
He is Wise
Follow Him

That is Life

When you are in LIGHT every thing will follow you, but when you enter DARK even your own shadow will not follow you. THAT IS LIFE


'The heart is the place where we live our passions.

It is frail and easily broken,

but wonderfully resilient.

There is no point in trying to deceive the heart.

 It depends upon our honesty for its survival.'

Never become Sad

Never become sad when life pulls u back,
Lion also take one step back when he want to jump long.

Definition of Personalty

Two things define your personality

1.The way you manage when you have nothing.

2. The way you behave when you have everything.

Humans has Poison in their Heart

Snake has its poison in its teeth,

A Scorpion in its tale,

A Dog has in its tongue,
Its only the Humans
who have Poison in their hearts

Don,t Love

I Suggest You To Do WAR But Never LOVE

Because ¡n WAR either you live Or You DIE

But in Love Neither You live,  Nor You Die.

Handsome Defination

Beauty Is In Heart, Not In Face .


But I Can Give My


One Who Needs Help.

Girls and Boys

Shakespeare wife:-
All boys are innocent befoure the lights are switched off.
Shakespeare Say:-
All girls are beautiful after the lights are switched off.

Napolian Says

جيڪڏهن 100 ڪتن جي لشڪر جو سربراه هڪ شينهن کي ڪيووڃي ته سڀ ڪتا شينهن وانگر وڙهندا پر جيڪڏهن 100 شينهن جي فوج ٺاهي ان جوسربراه هڪ ڪتو ڪيو وڄي ته سڀ شينهن ڪتي جي موت مرندا

Kamzoor Rishta

Rishtion ke rase tab kamzoor ho jate hay jab insan ghalat fahme main paida hony waly sawolon kay jawab khude he banal lata hay